Rapid, fixed-fee design projects.

A team of professionals, working on your specific design problem in a way that will give you maximum value, while not breaking the bank.

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Why use Microawesome?

Because you want to work with a top-notch design team. However, we all know how difficult such teams are to engage, and get interested in a project.

This is a thing we at Superawesome — our main agency — started to see coming up over and over again, and here are just a few most common reasons why a classic agency engagement might not work for you:

  • Not everyone can afford a relationship with an agency.
  • Not all projects are big enough to warrant an agency’s involvement.
  • Not all clients want to be so hands-on with a design project, and just need things done.

Yet, all projects could benefit from the expertise of a world-class design team.

This is exactly how Microawesome was born. We’ve found a way for you to get your design project in front of a great team, and get the most out of it while avoiding the cost and hassle of dealing with an agency. Not to mention dealing with the hassle of finding one.

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Which projects qualify.

We deliberately refrained from “packaging” Microawesome projects, because we realize how diverse our customers’ needs can be.

However, if we tried to frame a Microawesome project, there are several characteristics it needs to posses in order to qualify:

  • Short, fixed time-frame.

    A project can take anywhere between 1-10 business days. In this regard they are very similar to design sprints.

  • Closed scope.

    Once the task is defined and agreed upon it cannot be changed. There are no iterations, or change requests during the course of a project.

  • Fixed price.

    All projects are given a non-negotiable quote payable up-front. It's our honest reflection of the value we think we are providing, considering the circumstances.

  • Openness to interpretation.

    Results will come from a professional, objective, and unbiased point of view. They reflect our interpretation of the solution to the problem based on the information you've supplied.

Good to have in mind:

Microawesome projects are set up in order to yield maximum return for the smallest possible investment.

It's an antithesis to suffering through a process of endless iterations, and feedback loops in order to get to the best possible result.

You'll love it if you're looking for a solid, usable result as quickly and cheaply as possible.

You'll hate it if you think there's only one way to solve a design problem.

The perfect gig.

To give you an idea about using Microawesome for one of your projects, here are some gigs that we think are perfect for this kind of service.


We can transform an idea into a hi- or lo-fi click-able prototype. You can use it as a simple proof of concept, or even for a pitch or a demo.

Feature development.

Want to add functionality to an existing product? Have functionality that's tacked on and baffles users? Let us see what we can do.

Design audits.

Professional design reviews of your team's work. We'll produce a document pointing out flaws in visual consistency, usability issues, and suggestions for user experience improvements.

Marketing & sales assets.

Support your marketing and sales teams needs for conversion-centric interfaces such as landing pages, on-boarding and upgrade flows, as well as various graphic assets they require.

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How it works.

1. Contact.

You get in touch with us by giving us some basic information about your project. Aim to give us enough information so we can at least qualify your project, and give us some basic insight into your product or service.

2. Meeting.

We get together for a 15–30 minute video call which we will use to scope and define the project. Be prepared to be asked a lot of questions at this point.

3. Work order.

Within 24 hours you will receive a written project outline (called “work order”) stating the exact scope, deliverables, kick-off and delivery dates, and the price for the job.

4. Sign-Off.

Upon reviewing the work order, you give your sign-off, and pay the project fee. As soon as we receive the funds, we kick the project off.

5. Delivery.

Come delivery day, we send you the results along with any other assets we’ve created. Job done.

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