Frequently asked questions.

Why shouldn’t I just hire an agency?

You definitely could, but we believe some projects are just better off going through Microawesome. Engaging an agency is generally a more complicated process that’s not always worth going through for small, one-off projects.

On the other hand, agencies carry quite a bit of overhead with them. Being an agency ourselves, with Microawesome we’ve tried to strip out all — or most — of that overhead and structure the service in such a way so the most of the budget is put towards the results, not the process. In a traditional setup a lot of time is spent in the feedback loop, in order to make this work we’ve deliberately cut off the client input and opted to streamline the process as much as possible.

We think this trade-off is well worth it.

Why shouldn’t I just hire a freelancer?

This is a very simple one: reliability, and skill-set.

As an agency we’ve had some great experiences with freelancers, but sooner or later you’re going to be faced with looking for someone new, so scheduling is generally going to be a headache. And if your project requires more than one skill to finish, you better pray that you’re working with a unicorn, otherwise you’re faced with an organizational nightmare of stitching multiple freelancers’ work and enabling them to work together.

In this scenario, we believe Microawesome to be a much better option as you don’t need to deal with any of that.

What if I don’t like the deliverable?

We thought this will come up… We understand that design can be highly subjective, but in reality it shouldn’t be. You should be paying a group of experts to solve your problem.

If you find the deliverable not to your taste, that’s unfortunately not a valid complaint as the project goal was not for you to like it, but to solve the problem you came to us with.

Our deliverables will always be highly practical, on-the-safe-side, effective solutions. Considering the nature of Microawesome projects we’re using tried and true methods, and proven industry standards in solving design problems.

If you are interested in experimental solutions, and creative exploration, we’d be more than happy to onboard you to a standard Superawesome project.

What if I want some changes to be made to the deliverable?

Microawesome as a service is made possible at these terms only under the condition that client input — apart from the brief — is not possible. This is exactly why we insist on a closed scope, and a very detailed briefing before the kick-off.

Consider it as putting your trust into a team of experts, and trading in some flexibility for significant savings in financial and time costs.

In traditional projects most of the time is spent towards communication with the client in the feedback loop, so in order to make Microawesome projects so cost-effective and fast, we’ve deliberately cut the client’s input out of the equasion.

Therefore it’s not possible to place a change request under a Microawesome project. However, if you happen to want us to continue to work on the project, we will be more than happy to onboard you to a standard Superawesome project and continue working in a traditional setup.

How do I know if my project is suitable for Microawesome?

Generally, Microawesome projects need to satisfy these three requirements:

  • fixed scope,
  • fixed price,
  • fixed duration.

Some projects result is fully production-ready deliverables, while others are to be used more as an aid to your in-house design or engineering teams, for demo purposes, proof-of-concepts, etc.

Bottom line is: don’t worry about it. Just contact us and we’ll let you know. And if it’s not, we will suggest how we can alter the scope and requirements in order to make it one.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

By default all sales are final, and no refunds are offered.

But, if you can provide us with proof that our deliverable has hurt your company in any way (lost sales, decreased conversion rates, etc) we will offer you either a 100% refund, or will provide additional work in order to remedy the situation and bring your numbers back up.

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