Marketing assets for your new venture.

Everything you need to get your start-up company, or a new product off the ground and into the public eye.

  • Logos and visual identity design.
  • Application icons.
  • Social media avatars, and graphics.
  • Article and feature illustrations.
  • Stationery design.

No, they won't simply come just because you built it.

In order to project your awesome company or product in a favorable, and professional light you can't ignore the fact that it needs the looks to match.

Having a lot of experience working with young companies and startups, we know really well how to support them in terms of branding, during their early stages of development.

Don't make the mistake of implementing design into your company's DNA as an afterthought. Your competition is doing exactly that, and this is how you beat them.

Book a Branding Project

Fortunately, over the years we've developed a very efficient process of creating marketing assets such as logos, and various other types of graphics for young companies, especially ones with no resources to spare.

We're very much aware how it's difficult to allocate budget towards branding when there are so many important things to tackle, but if you trust us with the job of making you look good, we guarantee we can give you that extra on the competition, without costing you an arm and a leg.

How it works.

Microawesome projects are efficient, budget-conscious, and emphasize speed of delivery.

  1. Get in touch with us and provide some basic information about your project.
  2. We get together for a 15 minute video call which we will use to scope and define the project.
  3. Within 24 hours you will receive a written project outline stating the exact scope, deliverables, kick-off and delivery dates, including the price for the job.
  4. You give your sign-off, and pay the project fee. The project is officially booked and scheduled.
  5. Come delivery day, we send you the results along with any other assets we’ve created.
  • World-Class design team
  • Fixed price & timeframe
  • Money-Back guarantee
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